Weighbridge Lightning Protection Kits

Weighbridges are inherently vulnerable to lightning and electrical surges due to their sensitivity to electricity.

This sensitivity is what makes your weighbridge load cells and indicator able to accurately weigh your vehicles and as such your system needs to be shielded from fluctating currents, spikes in voltage and other electrical abnormalities.

No lightning protection is 100% guaranteed as the type of surge can vary greatly. The best practise is to set up as many fail safes as possible which includes properly grounding your instrument as well as surge suppresion.

A weighbridge suffering a direct hit from a bolt of lightning would most certainly be rendered inoperable but these do not happen very often. In most cases the surge will come from your power supply.

Weighbridge components are costly and in this case prevention is definitely better than the cure, economically speaking.

East Rand Scales has a number of electrical protection solutions for different applications.

Weighbridge installations will typically need earthing from the weighbridge structure to ground. Copper earth spikes ensure that any wayward current is delivered straight into the ground rather than have it pass through your delicate weighing instrument.

Your weighbridge indicator, load cells as well as any computers, printers and other electrical paraphenalia you might have need to be protected from the power supply. East Rand Scales makes use of a 1KVA online UPS with built in sine tamer. This ensures your power does not fluctuate and also keeps your system on when the power fails.

Additional protection is offered through the use of surge suppressors on your load cell wiring. This ensures no overvoltage can make it's way from the weighbridge to your indicator.