Titan Multi Deck Weighbridge

Determining Axle Loads


The Titan Multi Deck Weighbridge is typically composed of a four deck split giving you the ability to weigh all types of vehicles from LDVs to Interlink Trucks. Like the Single decks they employ a rugged U-beam design which is fully electric welded for unmatched strength. Concrete options available.

Load Cells

Either analogue or digital load cells can be supplied with our multi deck weighbridges depending on your requirements. 30 Ton ball and cup type load cells are used with digital being prefferable as they are easier to troubleshoot.

Weighbridge Indicators

We stock both analogue and digital indicators for our weighbridges. High resolution and communications for PC come standard as many customers opt to use the Titan vehicle management system for monitoring their weighbridge traffic. Multi Deck indicators have the added functionality of showing all four axles on the readout along with a total vehicle mass.

Lightning Protection

Lightning Protection is a good idea and could end up saving you money as replacing weighbridge components would be more costly. Click here for more on surge protection

Weighbridge Software

We supply a fully comprehensive vehicle management system which has been developed over many years. The Titan weighbridge software package is able to monitor and control weighbridge traffic by recording details of trucks passing over as well as being able to communicate with external devices such as cameras, booms and traffics lights. Unmanned systems available.

Optional Extras

Apart from the standard equipment supplied with the Titan Multi Deck weighbridge, we are able to offer devices that enhance and automate vehicle management. IP Cameras record images from your weighs, booms and traffic lights can regulate the flow of traffic over the weighbridge. We can also supply side rails to ensure trucks passing over the bridge do not stray near the edge.


The Titan Axle Pad is manufactured from a high strength aluminium alloy. Measuring in at only 30mm high these low profile pads are spaced according to the vehicle being weighed and can be easily repositioned. Easily weigh small and large vehicles.


The Axle Pad's indicator is built into a case for protection when not in use. Its software automatically detects the axle model and will display the weights of individual axles as well as any overloading that may be taking place. The indicator then totalises the weights to give you the overall mass of the vehicle. Can be powered by either AC or DC.

Protection Grade

Axle weighers will be used primarily outdoors and as such will need to endure the elements. The pads supplied with our Titan range are specifically designed for use in environments that may be subject to wet weather. Antirust and slip proof.

An overloaded vehicle is a risk to both infrastructure and life - and it’s illegal, too. In order to help ensure your truck, vans or cars are correctly loaded, Titan have two axle weigher solutions available.
Our axle weigh pads are the cost-effective choice for vehicle weighing - the options we can supply you with come with drive-over weighing pads, and with either weight display showing on the axle weigh pads (AP-100) or on an individual indicator (AP-200). The pads read the weight quickly - and in the case of the AP-200 Axle Weigh Pads, the weight data to be transferred to a printer or database instantly.
Plus, our axle weighers will highlight uneven loading, reducing wear and tear on your vehicles - and will help with under-loading, so you can maximise out-going loads.
Our portable axle weighers are the perfect solution for weighing trucks when leaving a warehouse, or before cargo is loaded onto a ship. Plus, because both solutions are portable, they can be stowed away in the back of a truck or in the cab.

Click here to see the Titan Axle Pads in our product catalogue