Scale Repair Service & Scale Related Services

Scale Repair Service

A good scale should provide years of service if cared for properly. The reality is that you will most likely need repairs to be carried out from time to time, especially if the operators are rough with the instrument. Electrical and water damage are also large contributors to scales falling into disrepair.

East Rand Scales, being a customer centric business, prides ourselves on our mobile fleet of service technicians. Our highly trained experts are equipped with the tools and experience necessary to offer a Scale Repair Service  to our clients 24/7. We also have a fully functional workshop at our premises that can carry out repairs to most makes and models of weighing equipment.

Service And Maintenance Contracts

For convenience sake, we offer our clients the option to sign up for a service and maintenance contract. This solution provides you with peace of mind knowing that your scales will be attended to without you having to take actively call on us.

The contract can be customised to suit the needs of your business and will include regular service and calibration visits throughout the year. Constant monitoring of your weighing equipment via this method often allows problems with your scales to be detected before they occur, which in turn could end up saving you the hassle of a break down and loss of productivity.

For more information or a quote on a service / maintenance contract, please phone our office.

Scale Calibration And Verification

All scales will need to be calibrated every so often to determine their level of uncertainty when measuring. We are SANAS accredited to perform calibration and issue certificates that detail exactly how your scale is performing. 

For customers who need to trade over their scale, verification of the instrument will be vital. The legal metrology act enforced by the NRCS states that any scale used for the sale / purchase of goods by weight needs to be verified by a qualifed VO. Certificates issued are valid for two years.

For assistance or a quotation, please give our office a call.