SANAS Certified Laboratories

Calibration And Verification

Calibration Of Mass Pieces

East Rand Scales is a leading supplier of OIML compliant mass pieces. We stock and are able to calibrate, thanks to our SANAS accredited laboratory, any mass piece ranging from 1mg to 1000kg. Weights calibrated by our lab are traceable to national standards and are supplied along with a certificate stating this. The ISO IEC 17025 standard is adhered to.

Calibration of Scales and Weighbridges

Our SANAS accreditation specifies that we are able to calibrate any weighing instrument from fine analytical balances to industrial strength scales. We can issue calibration certificates for any scale type up to a capacity of 60 Ton and can conduct the calibration within our laboratory or on site.

Verification of Scales and Weighbridges

Any scale or weighbridge that is used for trade related purposes will need to be verified to ensure it is operating in compliance with national law. Legal Metrology is in place to ensure that consumers are protected and that all measuring is correct. Our SANAS accredited Verification laboratory is able to issue certificates for your weighing equipment whether it be in our laboratory or on site. Certificates are valid for 2 years and will need to be reissued when they have expired.

Please see our accreditation below

Calibration Certificate

Verification certificate