Our Scale And Weighbridge Services

SANAS Calibration

From time to time all weighing instruments and test weights will need calibration. Everyday use will eventually cause these items to deviate from the standards that they were checked against and when this happens it is time to have them re-calibrated.

East Rand Scales has the facilities to restore your weighing instrument's accuracy and will issue a certificate reflecting this. All calibrations are conducted in accordance with SANAS and standards used are certified.

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SANAS Verification

Users of scales and weighbridges that are used for legal purposes are required to have their equipment verified every two years to comply with the Legal Metrology Act, 2014 (Act 9of 2014). As an accredited facility, permission has been granted to our laboratory to test and verify these instruments in accordance with this act and in compliance with the requirements of SANAS and NRCS.

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SANAS Laboratories

Our SANAS accredited laboratories are here to handle any and all metrology related services you may need. Calibration and verification of weighing instruments and mass pieces are some of the tasks performed by our qualified personel.

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In the event of a breakdown, we offer repair services to all makes and models, which can either be carried out either at our workshop or on site. We stock a wide variety of spares for our entire range and can source spare parts for scales from other companies.

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Service Contracts

Maintenance is key to any business looking to make the most of their weighing apartus. Our service contracts are the ideal way to keep your instruments accurate and minimises the likelihood of them falling into disrepair. Less break-downs means less downtime and increased productivity.

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Some weighing solutions, such as weighbridges and large industrial platforms, require more permanence and must be installed. The apparatus may or may not require civils work to be carried out ,as is the case with some weighbridges. Pits, mounting frames, hanging configurations and the fixation of instument panels are among some of the tasks we can accomplish. We have the tools and expertise to neatly install your weighing equipment in a way that promotes tidiness, practicality and ease of access.

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