In certain environments scale accuracy requirements are becoming more stringent. To make sure your instrument is weighing correctly at all times, we offer our range of test mass pieces. Depending on your application and accuracy needs, you have options ranging from durable cast iron to fine stainless steel weights.

Our mass pieces are OIML certified and are suitable for use in all industries. We currently stock from 1mg to 20kg but are able to source custom weights if need be. Larger mass pieces for testing road weighbridges and larger platform type scales are also available.

Our cast iron options are neat in appearance and are sprayed with black gloss paint giving them a professional finish.

The brass and stainless steel options can be bought loose or come as a set contained within a sturdy aluminium box for users who like everything in its place. Tweezers come standard with smaller weight sets.

Whether you need peace of mind that your instrument is accurate, or know how to calibrate your own instruments and need a mass piece, our comprehensive range of test weights will do the job.

For customers that need SANAS certified weights, we have a laboratory that is equipped to supply certificates and perform calibration on the mass pieces.