Weighbridge Calibration & Related Services

Weighbridge Repairs

Weighbridges will need to be repaired from time to time because of damage caused by everyday usage, electrical surges & weather. For businesses that cannot afford loss of profit due to downtime, a speedy repair service will be necessary. East Rand Scales boasts one of the largest on-the-road team of scale technicians in the country.They are equipped with all the tools & experience necessary to provide the sort of service that keeps your business running while remaining cost conscious at all times. Many weighbridge owners end up moving their repairs & maintenance to us because their current providers take too long to resolve problems, causing losses in revenue as well as creating a long line of trucks waiting to be weighed.Switch to us for a hassle free, professional level of service & avoid lengthy break downs.

Service & Maintenance Contracts

Continuous upkeep is necessary to maintain your weighbridge & ensure it does not fall into disrepair. A service & maintenance contract can help with this & reduces effort on the client's part as regular service visits will be scheduled for your site. Meaning you will not have to remember to call us out.As with the scale service contracts, the weighbridge one can be customised to suit your needs & can also include any scale you may have. Constant monitoring of your weighing equipment via a contract such as this not only keeps your scales in top shape but can also help detect problems before they arise, leading to less dow time caused by an unexpected breakdown.

Weighbridge Calibration & Verification

All weighbridges will need to be calibrated every so often to determine their level of uncertainty when measuring. We are SANAS accredited to perform Weighbridge Calibration & issue certificates that detail exactly how your weighbridge is performing.

For weighbridges that are used to trade (ie. a product is bought or sold by weight), you will need verification. With This is to ensure your weighing instrument is in compliance with the legal metrology act & is enforced by government to promote fair trade.

We are SANAS accredited to verify & have a team of qualified verification officers that are on call 24/7 to ensure you stay in compliance with these laws. The certificate that is issued with this service is valid for two years & will need to be redone when it expires.

For more information on our Weighbridge Calibration services, assistance or a quotation, please give our office a call