Titan Weighbridge Software

The monitoring of weighbridge traffic is vital to any business making use of a weighbridge, this is were Weighbridge Software comes in. Whether its for security reasons or stock control, the combined weighing records along with customer / supplier info gathered at the time of weighing needs to be captured and available for analysis.

Titan Weighbridge Software is completely customisable to suit your business. Custom fields, weighbridge ticket formats and weighing features allows the software to be used in a range of industries from mining to recycling to abbatoirs. The SQL database used has been called bullet proof by some of our clients and has proven itself to be very stable since its introduction to the market.

Full reporting features with the ability to have them automatically emailed is one of Titan's best selling points.

15 Years in development with updates and new features being added regularly. Choose our vehicle management software to simplify the management of your weighbridge. 

Some of the functions of our Weighbridge Software included in Titan are:

• Multi-level password protection

• Operator identification per weigh

• Secure SQL database (Client Server Application)

• Full reporting with exporting to XLS, XML, text and HTML

• Report scheduling can print, export or e-mail a report on the scheduled date and time

• System fully customisable to the needs of your business

• Weighing with known mass

• Multi axle weighing with overload detection

• History of all axle overloads

• Weight comparison with customer / supplier weight

• System auto detects weigh types (Dispatch / Receiving)

• Multi bridge weighing either as combined weight or by selected bridge

• Weight comparison with external invoicing systems

• Public weighing

• Traffic department setup

• Slip printer, Impact printer and Laser printer ticket printing

• Ticket formats completely customisable to suit client’s needs

• 24-Hour support

• Report printing with images captured from cameras

• Tare mass capturing with history of previous tares

• Multi weigh function for shorter weighbridges

• Fully illustrated 80 plus page manual supplied with installation