Titan Weighbridges

This series of modular weighbridges represents a new force in weighbridge technology. These fully welded Pit and Surface models deliver all that you would expect from the Titan range of weighbridges. Distinguished by their compact design and digital load cell technology. Our range of weighbridges offers strength, reliability and accuracy.

Titan weighbridges have a fully electric-welded structure designed to withstand very heavy and concentrated loads, and are manufactured from high strength U-shaped beams.

Our modular design allows easier installation in confined areas such as under silos, batching plants and inside buildings. The unique load cell mounting allows for installation on inclines as great as 1: 30.”

Titan Weighbridge Decks

Deck sizes: 3m or 4.5m x up to and including 30m.

Structure: U Beam
Optional Extra: Side rail

Depending on the weighbridge, we can supply either a Titan D1000 Digital indicator or a Titan A1000 analogue indicator

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Railway Bridges

We also offer weighing solutions for users of railways. The Titan railway bridge system is manufactured from the same quality components as the Titan road weighbridges, and is the ideal solution for ascertaining the weight of your railway cargo. Calibration and verification are carried out by placing test weights onto our custom built bogeys, which are then passed along the railway’s weighing section.

SANAS Verification

Users of scales and weighbridges that are used for legal purposes are required to have their equipment verified every two years to comply with the Legal Metrology Act, 2014 (Act 9of 2014). As an accredited facility, permission has been granted to our laboratory to test and verify these instruments in accordance with this act and in compliance with the requirements of SANAS and NRCS.

SANAS Calibration

From time to time all weighing instruments and test weights will need calibration. Everyday use will eventually cause these items to deviate from the standards that they were checked against and when this happens it is time to have them re-calibrated.

East Rand Scales has the facilities to restore your weighing instrument's accuracy and will issue a certificate reflecting this. All calibrations are conducted in accordance with SANAS and standards used are certified.


Included in standard weighbridge packages:

  • Weighbridge deck
  • Weighbridge Indicator
  • Loadcells and all required wiring
  • Dot matrix printer
  • Desktop or laptop
  • Delivery and installation
  • Calibration / Verification certificate (Valid for 2 years)


Titan vehicle management software has been specifically developed for the business that needs a reliable, powerful software system that is foremost easy to understand and use. With basic training on a new installations, we require only 1 hour to train the operator to use the system efficiently. This software is the ideal system for any business that needs optimal control of goods and products of value. Titan is developed in South Africa for the African market and has many features including boom control, Traffic light control, Camera Capturing, basic invoicing and many more features. All transaction can be printed through the filtered report function and can be also be exported to Text, Xls, Xml and HTML thus making analysis of data very easy to accomplish.


Reinforced with 12mm pre-constructed cages which are cast onto 35mpa concrete ground plinths. Extra support is obtained by casting the approaches on both sides at a length of 6m

Completely chip and crack proof, the approaches are lined with angle iron and anchored into the concrete. The ramps are cast at a length of 6m on either side, depending on ground levels, and are reinforced with steel mesh which is cast with 35mpa concrete for extra strength.

The loadcell plinths are cast at a size of 3200mm x 600mm x 600mm.

On site civils will be completed within 12 working days. The curing process will take another 2 weeks.All work completed by East Rand Scales will come with a 5 year warrantee.

Corner fillers are used to finish off all edging at a 45° angle, giving you a neat and professional look.


Weighbridge installations, and verifications are carried out using our very own test units complete with mounted cranes and test mass pieces. Verifications are performed in conjunction with the Legal Metrology Act of South Africa as well as the SANS 10378 regulations, ensuring that your equipment stays compliant. Once testing and calibration of the weighbridge have been performed, a SANAS Verification Certificate/Report will be issued. Certificates are typically valid for two years.